About Rebekah

rebekah two moons shamanic journeyRebekah J Simpson, founder of the Earth Medicine School of Healing Arts in Sedona was born and raised in Camp Verde, Arizona. She began her spiritual practice in 2006.

Rebekah has a passion for and has been studying Native American history, spirituality and healing since a very young age. Rebekah’s studies include all indigenous tribes of North America and has learned that each tribe is different and unique in their own way.

Rebekah has always had a fascination with the Native American culture, beliefs and art. She was the child who would rather go play with animals and spend most of her time in nature, than stay focused in the classroom. Instead of wanting to be a doctor or scientist when she grew up, she wanted to be a prophet, motivational speaker, healer, and spiritual teacher. Also since a very young age she enjoyed making Native American replica art such as medicine bags, dream catchers, smudge fans, talking sticks and other sacred items.

Rebekah practices and teaches animal medicine. It is believed that the animals were messengers sent from the Creator and we can learn how they are guiding us on our path by paying attention to them. It is also believed that we are born with certain animals as totems, power animals and spirit guides that walk with us throughout our lives. Rebekah’s totem animals are Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Owl and in June of 2013 she was given a new Power Animal, the Mountain Lion.

Growing up in a financially poor but loving environment, she learned to appreciate the little things that were important in this world. Learning to be grateful for what she had, not what she didn’t have. She lived without electricity and running water until the age of 20.

sedona healing retreat shamanic practitionerHer mother is regarded as the spiritual “go to” person of her family, she’s the one who everyone went to for natural healing, spiritual counsel, herbal tinctures, dream interpretation, prayer and emotional comfort. Now Rebekah follows in her footsteps.

At the age of fifteen, she had her first son and eventually drop out of school to raise him. Times were tough and for the next four years she realized that all the hardship that she was experiencing was all a part of her rigorous spiritual training. No, it’s not easy to walk a spiritual path as some may believe. At the age of eighteen, she would birth her second son, raising two boys on her own was not easy, but she learned and they taught her so much. How to love, how to survive and protect what was dearest to her, and how to experience the deepest of emotions including grief, sadness, guilt, and powerlessness. This of course eventually would be healed through forgiveness.

In 2006 she was living in Prescott Arizona working for a corporate company and making decent money for what she had but the money wasn’t everything to her. There was still something missing. She wanted to do more purposeful work, she wanted to help people. She was interested in natural healing and began to look for something that caught her interest. Through a series of synchronistic events, she found a healing arts school in Tempe Arizona that offered a certification in Life Coaching. She attended and completed the class in August 2007. Shortly after, she also received a certification in Corporate Coaching. Since then she has been practicing and teaching the subject in the community and online. She has also trained with experts such as Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins and spiritual growth teachers like Deepak Chopra and many others.

Rebekah loved coaching so much that she spent the next eight years creating a Life Coach Training course. She wanted to provide for her students the most authentic training, resources, and support available. Rebekah is inspired and motivated to help others discover their own mission and purpose by providing personal, professional and spiritual growth through Life Coaching and Earth Medicine.

sedona shamanic medicine wheel ceremonyShortly after her Life Coach training in 2007 she began having dreams and visions of a Native elder that was calling her to Sedona Arizona. Owls would hoot just outside her window and strange signs began to show up everywhere. At this time she had just bought a new house in 2006 and was in a nine-year relationship. Scared to leave and be on her own she tried to ignore the signs but almost one year later in December 2008 it was clear that it was time to go. Looking up into the sky she wondered, why Sedona, why now? And strangely enough, she got an answer that said, “You are needed there now at this time.” She asked, why? And the answer that she got was, “You will know when you get there.”

Motivated completely on trust, In January of 2009 she would pack up her life and her youngest, who at that time was thirteen years of age, and headed to Sedona. Rebekah was sad, scared, and somewhat excited to begin exploring a new environment where she would start over.

Sedona seemed to welcome her with open arms. She met some nice people and made some lifetime friends. The first year and a half was all about her personal and emotional healing. She started working with Native elders, medicine people, shamans and healers and learned so much about holistic healing.

She became a tour guide and began to study about the surrounding area, including the land, the vortexes, geology, history of the southwest, the plants, animals and so on. She has taken hundreds of visitors out on the land and practiced the same ceremonies that her teachers showed her. She learned how to heal with the Medicine Wheel, the natural healing energy of the Vortexes, intentions and prayer.

spiritual healing in sedonaNow she understands why she was supposed to go to Sedona, and she’s glad she listened to her inner voice that lead her there. The energies in Sedona would do half the work for her!

She is passionate about learning, teaching and educating others about Native American spirituality, the songs, ceremony, the history, the language, natural healing, exploring and studying ancient ruins of the Southwest, and healing with Mother Earth. Rebekah hears the elders speak when she sits quietly at the sacred sites. She says, “It’s my medicine.”

Rebekah is dedicated to re-integrating the ways of our ancestors back into our world today, when everything was sacred and treated with honesty and respect. When spirituality was practiced on a daily basis and not separated, one being better than the other. When everyone had a deeper connection with the earth, the animals and Wakan Tanka (The Great Spirit). When all life was in perfect balance because we respected the natural laws of Tunkashila (Creator). When you could safely drink from any stream of water and nothing was wasted. Rebekah, among many, believe that we can return to this time and heal the wounds of the past.

Rebekah’s heart belongs to the preservation and empowerment of the indigenous people including the language and traditions of North America (Turtle Island). She enjoys visiting ancient ancestral places and learning about Native American history. As she would learn more about Native tribes today her heart became filled with excitement, compassion and despair. She realized that the truth was quite hidden and still is today about the pain and suffering they would endure when European and Spanish settlers would arrive, and how they live now. They do not have a lot of money and they are not all rich and wealthy from casinos. In fact, a great majority are very poor and the reservations would have the highest poverty, alcohol, illegal drug abuse and suicide rates in the United States.

Rebekah decided that after she completed her Life Coach training in 2007 she had developed a passion and desire to teach it so she began creating her own curriculum. During the time she was putting all this together, she also began learning more about spiritual healing, earth medicine, holistic and natural healing. Now Rebekah is excited to offer a well-balanced training curriculum that incorporates everything else that she has learned about Life Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Shamanism and Earth Medicine.

Walk a Shamans Path was her personal blog for many years, then in 2017 she had the idea to turn it into an online school and resource center for Life Coaching, Shamanism, Earth Medicine, and many other spiritual teachings.

Rebekah grew up in a small town in the middle of Arizona. There she was surrounded by an abundance of Native history and nature. She always had a spiritual connection with all things and later began to develop unique abilities that include communicating with the spirit world, particularly the animals and the ancestors of the land. Rebekah was always a dreamer and lived in a fantasy world which often made it hard for her to function and conform to the “real” world. Later one of her greatest life lessons would be to learn how to balance the spiritual and physical worlds.

Now, after everything she has learned and all the trials and tests she has been through, Rebekah’s desire is to share her teachings and experience with others.