About Rebekah

Rebekah is a certified life coach and has been helping people find healing, spiritual guidance and understanding since 2006. She was born and raised in Camp Verde Arizona and is the founder of Earth Medicine School of Healing Arts where she offers personal empowerment training and coaching.

Through Rebekah’s unique life coaching and guided imagery techniques, you may be able to quickly heal from years, even lineages of past trauma, guilt, physical and emotional pain, depression, fear, anger, anxiety and other negative aspects that block you from experiencing peace and balance in your life. Rebekah also specializes in Shamanic Journeying, soul retrieval, animal medicine, drum healing, medicine wheel teachings and ceremony and more.

The path to “permanent” healing consists of forgiveness, understanding the truth and getting the lesson. Rebekah can help you return to this natural authentic state and restore you back to total health and integrity mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Her sessions are done in person out in nature and by phone.

Working with Rebekah is safe, fun, educational, healing and empowering.

Rebekah is well educated in Native American history and knows an amazing amount of information about the local area including how they lived and thrived. She has a passion for and has been studying Native American history, spirituality, culture, art, traditions, ceremony and healing since a very young age.

rebekah two moons shamanic journeyRebekah is dedicated to re-integrating the ways of our ancestors back into our world today, when everything was sacred and treated with honesty and respect. When spirituality was practiced on a daily basis and not separated, one being better than the other. When everyone had a deeper connection with the earth, the animals and Wakan Tanka (The Great Spirit). When all life was in perfect balance because we respected the natural laws of Tunkashila (Creator). When you could safely drink from any stream of water and nothing was wasted. Rebekah, among many, believes that we can return to this time and heal the wounds of the past.

Rebekah’s heart belongs to the preservation and empowerment of the indigenous people including the language and traditions of North America (Turtle Island). She believes that we are at a time now in human evolution where we will make decisions and take action that comes from the deepest core of our intuition and soul. We will make being “authentic and true” to others and ourselves our first priority.

Her vision is to teach and help others heal from the past and to live in harmony with balance with each other and mother earth.