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Prickly Pear Fruit Juice for Inflammation and Pain

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Did you know that prickly pear juice is so good for inflammation among other things like… type two diabetes, high cholesterol, colitis, prostate, and many other things.

Prickly pear is rich in antioxidants, carotenoid and linoleic acid (a fatty acid), calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Bring your jar in and I’ll make you some yummy prickly pear juice. September and October. 40 Soldiers Pass Rd #3 Sedona, AZ 86336

Offered by donation 🙂 ♡ Rebekah

Life Coaching

Life Coach Certification Online Training

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Are you looking for an online training to get your Life Coach certification? Then you will love our training! It’s completely online and you can work at your own pace to complete the course. There is no time restriction to complete it and you will have access to support during and after your training. All you have to do is read over the curriculum and practice as many lessons as you want until you feel comfortable. Then, when you feel ready, just submit your case study and recorded life coaching session for approval.

This training is for those who are interested in learning more about a more natural way of healing through empowerment.

  • This course is great for everyone! Leaders, teachers, parents, managers, counselors, therapists, you name it!
  • This course will add more value to your life. Guaranteed.
  • This course is designed to be simple, fun, and effective.

The Earth Medicine School of Healing Arts is an accredited school through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and our graduates will be eligible to become board certified holistic health practitioners through AADP.

Learn more about the course! LEARN MORE

Online Training

Deep Profound Emotional Healing with Life Coaching

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Soul retrieval is a form of guided imagery, inner child healing, emotional cord cutting, shadow work and emotional healing that results in permanent healing or total body healing.

Soul retrieval is based on the concept that we are creating our own reality. Once we can fully accept this and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, then we will begin to walk in a world free from victim-hood and blame.

When working with your client, you can begin to see how they’ve created everything in their awareness by listening to how much power they give their story, then you can easily identify when and where they have given their power away.

This technique helps to rediscover the parts of the soul that were lost during a traumatic event… where a piece of the soul left the body in order to protect itself while the body experienced the event. Sometimes, depending on how severe the impact was, that piece never fully returns back into the body. This is the part where we gave our power away. Over time, our soul will continue to search for the missing piece by continuing to create similar situations and emotions as opportunities to reclaim that power back, completely heal and collapse the illusion.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the process of taking your power back from something, someone or some situation and can assist an individual in permanently healing any past trauma or negative beliefs. A soul retrieval happens when the lost part of the soul returns safely and completely back into the body and inherent integrity is restored.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

Blocked memory
Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern)
Emotionally unavailable or withdrawn
Cannot receive or give love
Lack of motivation to live life or Suicidal thoughts
Clinical depression
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Feeling Guilt or shame
Lack of purpose
Prolonged grief
Anger and hatred
Negative beliefs (Example: everybody lies, people are stupid or i’m not good enough)
Physical problems including pain, illness, tumors, cancer and disease.

What causes soul loss?

Soul loss occurs when there is a loss of personal power. This usually happens involuntarily and as a result, damages the soul by the negative influence or belief. Essentially, the soul will recognize when something traumatic is about to happen and it will leave the energy field of the body in order to protect itself and maintain its integrity and it may not be able to return safely back into the body depending on how traumatic the event was.

Situations that may cause soul loss include:

Prolonged Stress
An accident
Loss of a loved one
Extreme fear
Negative influence
Lack of understanding

If soul loss is left unresolved for long periods of time it can manifest itself into physical form creating very serious emotional, spiritual, mental and physical problems including severe panic attacks, illness, and even disease.

The Solution: 

Retrieve the parts of the soul that left during the traumatic experience, and welcome it safely back into the body. This is done through the soul retrieval process. In many cases, a soul retrieval can be very successful with only one session. Depending on how long the situation has been left unresolved will determine how far it has spiraled out of control and into the many areas of one’s life. Like the ripple effect, when you throw a stone into the middle of a pond it will create many ripples that move outward. Eventually, when no stones are thrown, the pond will become still again. Soul loss is comparable to someone that keeps throwing stones into the pond, not allowing the pond to calm, creating chaos in one’s life. A soul retrieval will identify where the rocks are coming from and correct it from that point.

The part of the soul that needs healing will continue to create situations and experiences in your life to feel the emotion over and over again until it is healed. Healing takes place by understanding the truth of the situation from a higher perspective and offering forgiveness to any other persons involved including oneself. Sometimes its also as easy as talking to yourself as you were back then and giving him or her permission to heal and release the attachment to the story or the trauma. Only then can you expect to experience that peaceful stillness and balance once again in your life.

To experience this or to learn how to do this work for others, contact Rebekah today.


The Heaviness has Lifted! New Moon Eclipse 8-11-2018

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Happy “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux) and solar eclipse. All the heaviness you’ve been experiencing the last few months will begin to lift now. Things are/will be different. Like a computer download, some old programming will be gone and you will begin to experience the new lighter programs that are being installed in the background. Be easy with yourself and others as they are also going through a huge transformation and enjoy the next few days/weeks as they unfold peacefully and beautifully. Try to spend more time away from social media, TV and video games and get outside, re-learn how amazing your connection with the Earth is. Have faith and trust that everything will be okay. Time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

I am also available for private healing sessions that will help things move quickly. Heal any ancestral emotional weight or trauma that is holding you back with life coaching, guided imagery, soul retrieval, trauma release technique, forgiveness and understanding the truth.

Native American Stories

Story of how the Buffalo were Released on Earth

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In the first days a powerful being named Humpback owned all the buffalo. He kept them in a corral in the mountains north of San Juan, where he lived with his young son. Not one buffalo would Humpback release for the people on earth, nor would he share any meat with those who lived near him.

Coyote decided that something should be done to release the buffalo from Humpback’s corral. He called the people to a council. “Humpback will not give us any buffalo,” Coyote said. “Let us all go over to his corral and make a plan to release them.”

They camped in the mountains near Humpback’s place, and after dark they made a careful inspection of his buffalo enclosure. The stone walls were too high to climb, and the only entrance was through the back door of Humpback’s house.

After four days Coyote summoned the people to another council, and asked them to offer suggestions for releasing the buffalo. “There is no way,” said one man. “To release the buffalo we must go into Humpback’s house, and he is too powerful a being for us to do that.”

“I have a plan,” Coyote said. “For four days we have secretly watched Humpback and his young son go about their daily activities. Have you not observed that the boy does not own a pet of any kind?”

The people did not understand what this had to do with releasing the buffalo, but they knew that Coyote was a great schemer and they waited for him to explain. “I shall change myself into a killdeer,” Coyote said. “In the morning when Humpback’s son goes down to the spring to get water, he will find a killdeer with a broken wing. He will want this bird for a pet and will take it back into the house. Once I am in the house I can fly into the corral, and the cries of a killdeer will frighten the buffalo into a stampede. They will come charging out through Humpback’s house and be released upon the earth.”

The people thought this was a good plan, and the next Morning when Humpback’s son came down the path to the spring he found a killdeer with a crippled wing. As Coyote had foreseen, the boy picked up the bird and carried it into the house.

“Look here,” the boy cried. “This is a very good bird!”

“It is good for nothing!” Humpback shouted. “All the birds and animals and people are rascals and schemers.” Above his fierce nose Humpback wore a blue mask, and through its slits his eyes glittered. His basket headdress was shaped like a cloud and was painted black with a zig-zag streak of yellow to represent lightning. Buffalo horns protruded from the sides.

“It is a very good bird,” the boy repeated.

“Take it back where you found it!” roared Humpback, and his frightened son did as he was told.

As soon as the killdeer was released it returned to where the people were camped and changed back to Coyote. “I have failed,” he said, “but that makes no difference. I will try again in the morning. Perhaps a small animal will be better than a bird.”

The next morning when Humpback’s son went to the spring, he found a small dog there, lapping at the water. The boy picked up the dog at once and hurried back into the house. “Look here!” he cried. “What a nice pet I have.”

“How foolish you are, boy!” Humpback growled. “A dog is good for nothing. I’ll kill it with my club.”

The boy held tight to the dog, and started to run away crying.

“Oh, very well,” Humpback said. “But first let me test that animal to make certain it is a dog. All animals in the world are schemers.” He took a coal of fire from the hearth and brought it closer and closer to the dog’s eyes until it gave three rapid barks. “It is a real dog,” Humpback declared. “You may keep it in the buffalo corral, but not in the house.”

This of course was exactly what Coyote wanted. As soon as darkness fell and Humpback and his son went to sleep, Coyote opened the back door of the house. Then he ran among the buffalo, barking as loud as he could. The buffalo were badly frightened because they had never before heard a dog bark. When Coyote ran nipping at their heels, they stampeded toward Humpback’s house and entered the rear door. The pounding of their hooves awakened Humpback, and although he jumped out of bed and tried to stop them, the buffalo smashed down his front door and escaped.

After the last of the shaggy animals had galloped away, Humpback’s son could not find his small dog. “Where is my pet?” he cried. “Where is my little dog?”

“That was no dog,” Humpback said sadly. “That was Coyote the Trickster. He has turned loose all our buffalo.”

Thus it was that the buffalo were released to scatter over all the earth. -Author unknown


Teachings of the Medicine Wheel in Sedona Arizona

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AUGUST 5 2018 

  • Learn about the four directions and how to use these teachings to create more balance in our lives
  • Learn the history of Medicine Wheels and other resources
  • Learn how to create your own personal medicine wheel
  • Participate in ceremony and learn how to offer it for others
  • Learn how to smudge, clear energy and hold space for others while they are healing
  • Learn about animal totems, power animals, and animal messages
  • Go on a shamanic journey to meet your power animal and receive spiritual guidance and direction.
  • Make your own leather medicine bag

SCHEDULE: Sunday, August 5th 2018:
8am: Sunrise medicine wheel ceremony, teachings of the wheel and Medicine Wheel tour
12pm: Lunch at Indian Gardens
1: Shamanic Journey on the creek, teachings of animal totems, power animals and animal messages
3pm: Sacred Pipe Ceremony in the medicine wheel

Meet at Earth Medicine Shcool of Healing Arts Center 40 Soldiers Pass Rd #3 Sedona, AZ 86336 928.583.4153

Investment: $99. *does not include the cost of meals or accommodations. (non-refundable if canceled or no-show)

ONLY 11 total VIP spots available!



The Story of Two Dogs

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You may have heard about the “Battle Between two Wolves” story, but have you heard about the story of “Two Dogs”?

There is a story they tell of two dogs, both walk into the same room at separate times. One comes out happy and wagging his tail while the other comes out angry and growling. A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so mad. To her surprise she finds a room full of mirrors. The Happy dog saw a thousand happy dogs looking back at him and this mad him very happy while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him.

What we see in the world around us is only a reflection of who we are.

Author Unknown


Happy Summer Solstice June 21st 2018

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Happy summer solstice! The longest day of the year when the sun appears to stand still in the sky… watching over all of us, illuminating everything in our lives that need healing. We give thanks for everything the sun does for us. We honor the “Sundancers” who begin their sacred journey this day. We dance and sing outdoors, we explore new areas and go on amazing new adventures. We honor making new relationships and the making of relatives, one of the seven sacred rights of the Lakota Sioux called the “Hunkapi Ceremony.” The Seven Sacred Rights are:
Nagi Gluhapi: Keeping of the Soul
Inipi: Rite of Purification
Hanbleceya: Crying For a Vision
Wiwanyag Wacipi: Sun Dance
Hunkapi: The Making of Relatives
Isnati Awicaliwanpi: A Girl’s Coming of Age
Tapa Wankaye: The Throwing of the Ball

The Seven Lakota Values, given by the White Buffalo Calf Woman include Praying, Respect, Caring and Compassion, Honesty and Truth, Generosity and Caring, Humility, and Wisdom.

We honor Creator for all that we have and we feast and pray together as “One Tribe.” Bless you, your family and everything in your life. Bless this day.