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Life Coaching – Trust and Let Go

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life coaching trustAs we are coming into a new age of human evolution, we are being taught to trust and let go of control. We don’t have to struggle anymore. That is the old way. We don’t have to try and control our environment and situations either. Its time to relax into the unknown. Let go of the fear that has held us back, let go of the worry, anxiety, and pain. When something doesn’t seem to go “our way,” there is a reason. Surrender, follow the path of least resistance and practice the law of least effort. It seems that everything is going to happen the way it does no matter what we do. It’s as if our life story is already written for us before we got here. The more we try to control it, and struggle against each moment, we are just setting ourselves back from receiving true happiness and joy. Many people live most of there lives stuck in the same situation, usually unhappy and too scared to try and change. Because to change, we would have to get out of our comfort zone and that makes us uncomfortable. Its easier to stay locked in place and continue to be unhappy.

If we decide today to embrace change, surrender and go with the flow, we will begin to see how beautiful and magical life really is. Its like taking off a mask that we’ve wore for so many years. It’s okay to change, and it’s okay to trust that everything will unfold perfectly. Look for the “silver lining” in every moment, situation, and person. When we begin to look for the positive in everything, then that is what we will attract to us. Be grateful for what you have, and show appreciation for it in what ever way you can.

There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and provide miraculous results. The key is to apply this knowledge in the moment. The more we practice it, the better we get at it. Begin today to let go and trust that there is a higher purpose for us, and that all discomfort is just a part of the process of finding our path. Step into the flow…

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Happy New Year! – from Life Coach Rebekah Simpson

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Here is my free gift to you…

What goals do you have for 2013? What did you want to accomplish last year and didn’t get to?
It’s never too late to start or finish.

Here is a powerful coaching tool that can help you get clear on your goals and create motivation to accomplish them.
Set about an hour aside of clear uninterrupted time. Clear your thoughts and center yourself…
1. Write what you would like to do, have, be, or accomplish in 2013. Keep writing until you run out of thoughts.
2. Narrow them down to your top three and prioritize them.
3. Separate each of your goals on their own piece of paper. Set a realistic date you would like to accomplish it by.
4. Start with your first goal; Write the details of this goal, then write down “why” you want to accomplish it. Now take a minute to visualize already having this goal and what it feels like.

Note that we didn’t look at “how” this is going to happen. We just focus on what we want and how it feels to already have it. Along the way, as you continue to take action, you will start to notice people, situations and new doors opening up to support you on this goal.
Be patient and don’t force the goal to happen. Instead, allow it to unfold spontaneously and watch each piece of the puzzle put itself in place as the bigger picture begins to appear.

Remind yourself often of your “why.” Why are you doing this? This is the fuel that keeps your flame of passion burning, and will illuminate your dreams and goals to manifest into your life. In order to fulfill a dream or a goal, we have to stretch out of our comfort zone. We have to be realistic, persistent, and consistent. Make sure to acknowledge how far you have come already, this expression of gratitude for yourself is a huge piece of this grand puzzle.

I would love to help you with this as your personal Life Coach. I will help you see your vision clearly, empower you to take action, and hold you accountable with no judgment. I will hold a space of compassion and love for you as you walk through this part of your journey in life. I believe in you. -Rebekah

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Life Coaching – Take Action!

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new doors opening life coachingIt’s the law of physics – once an object begins moving forward it takes on an energy of its own. Once you move forward in any direction – even the wrong one – you will be pulled into the flow of forward-moving energy.  You will be guided to the right people and opportunities. You will become part of a vortex of positive energy that moves you into the right place at the right time. Forward action takes a life of its own.

There’s another component to taking action. When you make phone calls to research a new direction, meet with someone to discuss an idea or do research on the internet, you’re sending a message to the universe that you’re moving forward. Even if you are not researching the exact right direction, you energy will attract opportunities that will guide you in the right direction. Opportunities that will pull you toward your destined work. Our higher guides aren’t allowed to interfere with us because of “free will”, but once we start moving forward they can open doors.

Inaction, sitting at home, worrying or being unhappy will not open any doors. You must take a step forward in a new direction, even if it’s closing an old door, then doors will open….”

If you have a hard time taking action, or don’t know what action to take, call today!


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Life Coaching – Are you holding on to it?

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Does it bother you when someone cuts you off in traffic, says something to hurt your feelings, does not hold up to their word, or any other event of this type…


monk-carrying-womanTwo monks were on a journey when they came to
a river where a beautifully dressed woman was

As she did not want to ruin her lovely clothes, she
asked them to carry her to the other side. The two
monks glanced at one another because they had
taken vows not to touch a woman.

Then, without a word, the older monk picked up the
woman, carried her across the river, placed her
gently on the other side, and carried on his

The younger monk couldn’t believe what had just
happened. After rejoining his companion, he was
speechless, and an hour passed without a word
between them.

Two more hours passed, then three, finally the
younger monk could contain himself no longer,
and blurted out “How could you do that, when you
made a vow not to even touch a woman!”

The older monk looked at him and replied, “Oh, are
you still carrying her? I put her down hours ago.”

We are the only species on this planet with free will, lets use it to our advantage! Choose the life you want.

Is there something that you are holding onto that you would like to let go of but don’t know how? Call today.

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Life Coaching – Messages

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life coaching and listeningLife is continuously providing us with messages and information. When we do not listen, then the messages become lessons. When we do not learn, the lessons become problems. When we do not address the problems, they become crises. When crises are left unresolved, they create chaos in our lives. Just imagine how life would be if we learn to live on the levels of messages and information.

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Life Coaching – Communicating from Within

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Life Coach Quiet ListeningThere are three places that we can come  from when we are communicating with others, or making decisions.

1. Head, from this place we may be trying to rationalize situations, use intellect, process, analyze, and react. This is great for use in business.

2. Heart, When we are in our hearts, we are connecting, expressing love, compassion, sensitivity,  and sympathy. Sometimes it can be difficult to make decisions from the heart because we may be too sensitive or emotional and it could get in the way. This is great for use with loved ones.

3. Knowing, this is the place just below or behind our navel, our center, our gut feeling, also called our place of “chi”, and life source. This is where we go when we are seeking answers from within. Here we can only experience the truth of all things, a knowing of who we really are, why we are here, and how we can best serve all of humanity. From here we are able to respond to situations rather that react. It’s almost a sense of being in the present.

Our knowing is also the place where we receive goose bumps during a chilling situation or conversation. These are actually “Truth Bumps.” We can know, that when this happens, Spirit is present.

Exercise: Pause for a moment, count to five, take a couple of deep breaths and get centered. Then ask yourself which one of these three place are your current thoughts and decisions comming from. By doing this exercise several times throughout your day, you may find that your thoughts and decisioins will be more in alignment with your wants and desires.