How to Break Generational Curses

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I wanted to share this information for those who may have experienced the same problem. This came about as I was about to hold a New Moon Ceremony to release any and all negativity out of my life. I’ve been told by several different people on several different occasions that I have taken a vow of poverty. I didn’t know what they meant so because I didn’t understand, I didn’t give it much attention. Then on November 17th, 2017, I had a thought that when I did the New Moon Ceremony today on the 18th that I would ask to have this vow of poverty released. So I began to do some research and learned a lot about this and other vows and about the history of generational curses and how to break them. It’s actually quite simple.

What is a generational curse? A generational curse can be a spiritual, mental, physical or emotional problem or pattern that you and your family continue to repeat generation after generation.

It is believed that generational curses can go on for four generations but once the curse is broken, the blessings can go on for a thousand generations.

How do we inherit the curse and why is it keep happening to us? The curse can be caused by several things. These are things that your ancestors and relatives of the past including your Grandparents, your Mother, and your Father have done. The reason we are suffering from it is that it is passed down through our DNA and it is up to us to stop it or break the chain. Now, while you may not have committed any of the following crimes, you can still carry the vow of the curse. The top three reasons these curses affect us are:

  1. Trespass: Doing something against one’s will or without permission including them, their possessions or their land.
  2. Iniquity: A violation of Creators moral law, perversity and acting out really bad behavior.
  3. Sin: To knowingly act against divine law

What are some examples of these curses? Although there are many different curses, here are a few examples. Have you or anyone of your family members experience any of these? Can you think of any others?

  • Failure, self-worth, pity, sorrow, victim
  • Poverty, lack, hunger, scarcity
  • Being very judgemental or critical of self and others, pointing fingers
  • Disease and illness
  • Premature death
  • Divorce, breaking relationships, searching from relationship to relationship and never being totally happy
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Any type of abuse, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual
  • Addictions, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • Adultery

How to remove, release, break any curse in your life and the lives of your family members for good!

You can do this at any time. I am doing it on a new/dark moon and can expect to see the miraculous results begin to happen of the full moon.

Ask yourself, “What do I have to do to be free of ________” or “What must I do to have ________ in my life?” Then just listen for the answers. Really listen.

Next, In a prayer state…

  1. Admit what you or a family member has done wrong. Get specific. Don’t leave anything out! Even admit things you may not even know about.
  2. Ask for forgiveness for yourself and for your family members.
  3. Believe! Have faith that things will change and feel the curse being lifted.

And so it is.

Another great thing to complete the ceremony is to submerge yourself underwater. This is a great form of cleansing and purification.

Now, over the next couple of days/weeks, begin to notice how things have changed for you.

This is great background music to listen to while performing the ceremony. Unless you do it outdoors, then let nature be your symphony!

Please be advised that this is just my story and my understanding and that I don’t favor any religion or particular belief system in doing so. This is not a recommendation or a quick fix. For those with serious illness, please seek the advice of a licensed professional.

Universal Laws

Universal Law of Distraction

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life coaching and the law of distration

Every time we plan to do or think something different, we are given tests to see if that is what we really want. Theses usually show up in the form of distractions or negative thoughts. Recognize these as old limiting beliefs and release them. Or you can transform them into new positive thoughts by declaring in the moment that you choose to stay in alignment with what you want. These may show up in the form of phone calls or emails that make no sense, or people that seem to take up your time. Don’t bother with these, they are just distractions and will only set you back. The best way to know if things are a distraction is to pay close attention to your feelings, then ask yourself, am I giving my energy to what I don’t want? What we are actually doing is creating new beliefs. Once we remove the old beliefs, then we will not be effected by them if they show up again.

As I was trying to think of a good example while writing this, I received a text message on my cell phone. It was someone who I didn’t know that said, “Hi I found you and wanted you to check out my profile on friend-trip.org. I was actually expecting something like this to happen as I was writing this. This has happened in the past and I gave about an hour to it before I realized that it was a distraction. Anyway, I typed in the address on-line and it redirected me to a different site that was prompting me to join a membership site. Then I did a Google search for the “friend trip.” Nothing made any sense to what I was searching for, so I got in touch with my feelings and realized quickly that this was a distraction. I deleted the text message, stated out loud that I choose to finish putting this program together and not be distracted. I spent less than one minute on that distraction and started writing again. Then I told myself good job and wrote it in my gratitude journal.

Distraction is not always a bad thing, we can use this to help us as well. For example, we might want to intentionally distract ourselves by chewing gum when we are trying to quit smoking, or going for a walk when we a feeling confused, anxiety, and fear, or cleaning house when we are sad, frustrated, or upset. When we find ourselves in a conversation with someone that is leading down a negative road, we can intentionally distract the other person by changing the subject and focusing on the positive side of the conversation. In this way we can use distraction to help us transform old beliefs and habits.

As with all things in life, there is a challenging side and a supportive side, we just need more understanding of them, then we will know how to make them work for us.

Expect miracles,

Rebekah J Simpson

Dear Rebekah,
I just finished reading you thoughts on the purpose of “distractions”…It was very helpful and insightful…Thank you!
The Universe gives us many chances to pursue our dreams…and then tests if that is truly our desire…
We just have to listen to our inner guidance, face any fears that may try to hold us back and then allow transformation to happen…
May we all have courage to follow our soul’s path… Liinneah